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Essential understanding of health and safety in any workplace identifying legislation and common causes of accidents.

The course is split into 6 modules including legislation overview, case studies, corporate manslaughter, accidents, fire, electricity, DSE, manual handling, emergencies, COSHH, PPE and stress.

Duration 45 minutes     Price £35 + VAT 

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This course will start by covering the many benefits electricity brings to society, as well as its key components voltage, current and resistance. It will explain the two main types of electricity, cover UK accident and death statistics, and describe a simple way of remembering the electrical hazards. It then goes on to provide basic instructions about how you could safely help someone you suspect has received an electric shock.
Duration 45 minutes     Price £35 + VAT


An awareness course on the hazards and risks of confined space working to understand the control measures to be followed when working in, or near to, confined spaces.  Includes safe procedures, communication, emergencies, rescue and paperwork.

Duration 25 minutes     Price £35 + VAT 


This course is aimed at companies who employ users of display screen equipment, or DSE as it’s often called and is intended to be completed by those who will be assessing the DSE set ups of employees. DSE is a term that covers a wide range of equipment. If equipment like this is not set up correctly, users are at increased risk from certain disorders.

Duration 110 minutes    Price £35 + VAT See Special Offers


This course is aimed at users of display screen equipment, or DSE as it’s often called. DSE is a term that covers a wide range of equipment. If DSE equipment like this is not set up correctly, users are at increased risk from certain disorders. As an employee, you share the responsibility to keep people safe at work. That means undergoing relevant training and ensuring that rules are followed.

Duration 50 minutes    Price £35 + VAT See Special Offers


The main outcome of this training course is to provide you with the knowledge to carry out the functions of a fire marshal. - Please note, this course also contains all of the content in the Basic Fire Awareness and Fire Extinguisher courses. Course approved by RoSPA and IFE.
Note: Requires Adobe Flash Player

Duration 220 minutes   Price £35 + VAT


This course explains, in brief, why fires occur and what actions you must take to help prevent them starting and the actions you must take when they do. By completing this course you will be making your workplace a safer environment. Course approved by RoSPA and IFE.

Duration 60 Minutes   Price £25 + VAT  See Special Offers


Manual handling covers a wide range of activities and incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work. The nature of the load itself doesn't matter if you have to use your muscles, then it's manual handling and, well, you're in danger. Course approved by IIRSM & CPD.

Duration 75 minutes    ​Price £35 + VAT

Dementia Awareness

Duration 25 mins     Price £25 + VAT

Dignity and Privacy

Duration 50 mins     £25 + VAT

End of Life Care

Duration 25 mins     £25 + VAT

Epilepsy Awareness
Duration 25 mins     £25 + VAT

Handling Information in a Care Setting

Duration 20 mins    £25 + VAT

Infection Control

Duration 60 mins     £25 + VAT

Introduction to the Safe Handling of Medicines
Duration 60 mins    £25 + VAT

Learning Disability Awareness

Duration 50 mins     £25 + VAT

Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty

Duration 75 mins     £25 + VAT

Mental Health Awareness

Duration 25 mins     £25 + VAT

Nutrition and Hydration

Duration 65 mins     £25 + VAT

Person Centred Care

Duration 45 mins     £25 + VAT

Positive Handling in Schools

Duration 100 mins     £25 + VAT

Prevent Duty
Duration 65 mins     £35 + VAT

Principles of Communication

Duration 75 mins     £25 + VAT

Safeguarding Adults
Duration 75 mins     £35 + VAT

Safeguarding Children

Duration 75 mins     £35 = VAT

Understanding your Role in Care

Duration 40 mins    £25 + VAT

Your Personal Development

Duration 35 mins    £25 + VAT

Slips, Trips and Falls

Duration 60 Mins     Price £35 + VAT

CDM Awareness

​Duration 40 mins     Price £35 + VAT

​Risk Assessment

​Duration 90 mins     Price £35 + VAT

Behavioural Safety

​Duration 45 mins     Price £35 + VAT

Food Safety

​Level 1 Catering  Retail  Manufacturing

Duration 50 mins     Price £35 + VAT

Level 2  Catering  Retail  Manufacturing

Duration 75 mins     Price £35 + VAT

Online safety E-learning

Training made easy and cheap

No more booking on courses miles away that cost a fortune only to find that after sitting in a classroom full of strangers that it is not what you wanted.
Our e-learning courses make it easy for you to complete necessary training at your own pace from a computer, tablet, iPhone or Smartphone anywhere and at anytime.  No need to complete the course in one go, you can break off and come back to it when you like. Our courses are tutor-led, informative, stimulating and effective.  An approved certificate is produced for you to save or print on successful completion.
What could be simpler?  Give it a try, the first module of every course is free!

You can register for a free trial of any of the courses.  Just click on " Register for Free Trial" then simply register as a new user, it's free.  That opens up all the courses giving you the option to view the first module for free or to buy the course.  Details that you enter are not used by anyone else.

If you are a subscriber for us acting as your Health and Safety Advisor, all the online courses are



In this course we learn how to identify the different types of fire extinguishers that might be installed within your workplace and what situations they might be used in. At the end of the final module you will be presented with a simulation that will test what you've learnt. Course approved by RoSPA and IFE.
Note: Requires Adobe Flash Player

Duration 25 minutes    Price £25 + VAT See Special Offers

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This Emergency aid course will highlight some of the most common situations that you might come across and the actions that you can take to help.  This in-depth course covers ABCDs, CPR & AED, Choking, Bleeding, Shock, Spinal Injuries, Breaks, Head Injury, Sprains, Burns & Scalds, Electric Shock, Eye Injury, Anaphylaxis & Diabetes, Heart attack & Stroke.  Course approved by IIRSM

Duration 150 minutes     Price £35 + VAT

On-site Training

Our main objective is to provide professional, cost effective services to all our clients.

We believe that our ability to be flexible in our range of services allows us to provide you with essential advice and assistance without excessive cost.

Our training programmes can be adapted to suit your own particular needs and can be added together into one training session. These are examples of our most commonly used courses which are adapted to suit the specific requirements of your company or organisation:
  • General Health and Safety - covers health and safety law, the legal framework, principles of health and safety and requirements of employers and employees.
  • Risk Assessment - Practical and theoretical examples of how to carry out suitable assessments as applicable to your organisation.  As well as the theoretical aspect, this can also include a walk-through of the site to identify hazards and risks with attendee involvement in writing their own risk assessments for their own workplace.
  • Internal Safety Audits and Inspections - how to carry out audits and inspections with practical exercises including a walk-through of the site with delegates so they have the knowledge to conduct their own.
  • Manual Handling - Health effects of incorrect manual handling, how the spine works, correct lifting and handling techniques, avoidance of manual handling.  Practical exercises in the workplace and advice on site specific manual handling issues.
  • CDM - Construction Design and Management Regulations - key roles and responsibilities, pre-construction and construction phase plan and the health and safety file.
  • Abrasive Wheels – including safe use of hand tools, dust, eye protection, vibration, noise and practical exercise wheel change
  • Asbestos Awareness – full and refresher courses covering the content recommended by the HSE including types of asbestos, health risks, who may be affected, where it is found and actions to be taken.
  • Face Fit Assessor Training - to enable in-house staff to carry out qualitative face fit testing of disposable and reusable masks and half masks
  • Working at Height – preventing falls, work and access equipment, inspections, emergency procedures and techniques for safe working at height.
  • Safety Harnesses - correct wearing and adjustment, work at height requirements, inspection procedures and rescue plans (Levels 1-4)
  • Ladder safety - pitching, siting and using ladders safely and inspection procedures

For further information, use the "contact us" section at the top and bottom of this page or give us a call on 0115 952 3096


This course explains the background to Legionella and Legionnaires' Disease, the potential risks associated with water systems and how these can be prevented or controlled. This course gives you the necessary qualification to work with or control water systems that may cause Legionella.  Course approved by RoSPA.

Duration 75 minutes    Price £65 + VAT See Special Offers

Anti Harrassment and Bullying

Duration 32 mins     Price £35 + VAT

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Duration 45 mins     £35 + VAT

Customer Care

Duration 75 mins     £35 + VAT

Data Protection in the Workplace

Duration 80 mins     £35 + VAT

Developing Teamwork

Duration 30 mins     £35 + VAT

Disciplinary Procedures
Duration 45 mins     £35 + VAT

Effective Delegation

Duration 110 mins    £35 + VAT

Equality, Diversity and Discrimination
Duration 70 mins     £35 + VAT

Facebook for Business

Duration 80 mins     £90 + VAT

Leadership Skills
Duration 90 mins     £35 + VAT

Linkedin for Business

Duration 45 mins     £90 + VAT


​Duration 46 mins     £35 + VAT

Presentation Skills
Duration 55 mins     £35 + VAT

Project Management
Duration 90 mins     £35 = VAT

Sales Skills
Duration 120 mins    £35 + VAT

Search Engine Optimisation for Business
Duration 80 mins     £149 + VAT

Social Media for Business
Duration 100 mins    £149 + VAT

Stress Management
Duration 30 mins     £35 + VAT

The Principles of Performance Management
Duration 55 mins     £35 + VAT

Time Management
Duration 105 mins    £35 + VAT

Twitter for Business

Duration 55 mins     £90 + VAT


Essential for anyone likely to come into contact with asbestos. As well as informing you about the risks of working with asbestos, the course will deliver a lot more information about: Recognising asbestos, where it's used, minimising the risks and the legislation about working with asbestos. Course approved by IATP.
​Duration 65 minutes    Price £35 + VAT


This course is aimed at anyone who works at height and covers topics including the dangers of working at height, the regulations, the hierarchy of controls, assessing risks and the use of ladders, scaffolds, stages, podiums, mobile elevating work platforms, trenches and excavations even.

​Duration 105 minutes     Price £35 + VAT


This course acts as an introduction to personal safety for lone workers and applies to those that work alone within business premises, mobile workers and homeworkers.

It covers the legal responsibilities of both employers and employees, some of the common security precautions that can be implemented, practical steps you can take to avoid conflict in lone worker situations and other elements that can contribute to lone worker safety.

Duration 45 minutes     Price £35 + VAT 

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This course covers what you need to know about the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.  It is aimed at anyone who is exposed to hazardous substances at work, as well as line managers with responsibility for such people.

Duration 125 minutes     Price £35 + VAT 


Essential for anyone who uses angle grinders, bench grinders, saws and other hand tools designed to cut, grind and polish.  The course covers the anatomy of an abrasive wheel, the dangers associated with their use, storage, handling and much more.  Course approved by IIRSM & CPD

Duration 100 minutes    ​Price £35 + VAT


Working safely is in the interest and concern of all staff – both the employers and employees. Workers have an expectation to go home at the end of the working day not having been injured - or having had their health affected by - any workplace activity, or as a result of it.  Modules include: Defining Hazard and Risk, Common Hazards, Improving Safety Performance, Protecting the Environment, Hazard Perception

Duration 150 minutes    Price £65 + VAT

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